"Debutantes, Derelicts Artists, Collecters, Designers, Mystics, Lovers, Poets, 
and all those who love the arts, drinking, and the night. Saturn Returns.
 OBJECT store is opening at the FRYE MUSUEM. In addition to local design,
 OBJECT at the FRYE will have a number of one of kind items and antiques for sale 
and is part of the much larger MOMENT MAGNITUDE EXHIBIT which involves
 around 43 million contemporary artists and designers. 

Come drink free Champagne, Wine, and Hilliards Beer from 6:30 to 9pm.

 After Hours at Vitos with a séance and ritualistic sacrifice in the Cougar room.

 A series of parties, events, and explorations at the FRYE Museum on
First / Cap Hill will be unfolding this October thru January. 

Rsvp to rsvp@fryemuseum.org or tell them at the door you are with Charlie or the Object store."

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