As many of you have already heard, we had a flood in the main front gallery and petite works room on Wednesday, Jan. 11th. All is cleaned up (Thank you Cait, Sophie & the Flood Crew!), but there was quite a bit of damage, both to some goods, books, antique furniture, electronics and some structural damage. Lots of little things adding up to be a big cost.The building owners are refusing to take responsibility for the incident, therefore we're scrambling to get everyone compensated and the ceiling repaired ASAP.

We do have Insurance, along with a very large deductible, which is where we really could use some fast help! To make it fun, and a perk for you, here is the deal:

If 100 people each donate $10 (or more), we will have a party for all of you! DJ, Drinks, Dancing, Awesome.

Also, those who donate will EACH receive a Gallery Membership ($50 value), which gets you 20% off Boutique items, and 10% off Miniature Art for 1 year. (Out of town folks can have this honored with phone/online purchases) If you're already a member, then you will receive a bottle of wine on us, in addition to the party:)

Be sure to leave your full name along w/email address so I can make out your Membership Card.

We wouldn't be here without all of you,
so Thank You in advance!
Love, Ghost

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